Waugh Street Bat Colony

Little Known Waugh St Bat Colony

Austin has its well known Congress St. Bridge bat colony, but did you know that near the Heights we have a bat colony too?

Bat Colony Sign

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony Sign

The Waugh St bridge bat colony is not as large as the Austin colony (250,000 bats vs. 1.5 million) but it is a non-migratory colony. While the Austin bats fly to Mexico each Fall, Houston’s colony of Mexican free-tailed bats stays put. It may be dormant when cold, but it’s still there.

The City Parks Department website has details as to viewing location, viewing etiquette, etc. They also have a couple of other videos. Parking to get to viewing station is at 401 S Heights Blvd., at Memorical Drive.

They say these creepy little creatures can eat 1200 mosquitos per hour. I need a few stationed in my back yard.

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