A Heights House for $150?

150 Bucks for the Possibility of Getting a Heights House

In today’s Heights market I don’t know why you need a gimmick to sell a house, but here is a unique one.

A Heights House for $150?

A Heights House for $150?

This local owner, Micahel Wachs (who is also a Realtor) is Selling his Heights House for $150 by choosing the best 200 word letter about why the want the house. Each letter must be accompanied by a $150 “consideration” fee. If he can get close to 3000 applicants he will do better than the $400K the house is worth.

This photo was taken from the Texas Monthly article above, as was this quote:
“The house was listed on Thursday morning, and Wachs has already received hundreds of applications from people who would very much like the opportunity to buy his house. The process comes in two-steps: You submit an application with an essay about why you shpould get the house, and you then pay a $150 fee to be considered. “The number of people who’ve paid the offer fee is way less” than the number who’ve submitted applications, Wachs says.”

This story was also aired on KHOU TV.

To get story from the horse’s mouth, here is his website: 150house.com

The seller is very careful not to call his system a lottery, so there must be some legality involved.

If he can’t get enough applicants, he’ll refund the money and re-think the process.


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