How to Detect a Liar – TED Talk

How to Detect a Liar? Catch that SOB!

We are typically lied to 10-200 times per day. Part of this is cooperative; we tell little white lies to sooth things, comfort people etc. A couple just starting to date is a perfect example. Does he really pay attention to his kids? Is he honest and forthright? The owner of a house tells the buyer he has never had

Sometimes there is true deception involved though and Pamela gives some incites that are quite simple to see, and make sense once it is explained. There are some obvious incongruous body “tells” to look for. Speech patterns, body language, facial expressions, more. He says he wants to be with forever…really? Maybe he is twisting the truth.

Check out this 20 minute video for some ideas…business, personal relationships, etc. All knowledge is good, this might prove to be powerful.

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