Heights Neighbors Unhappy with Builder Again

Builders often get a bad rap, especially in the Heights. The little bungalow is replaced by a home twice as big. Nice, if you are buying it, bad if you are the neighbor. The construction period is always messy, congested. Lots of noise and just general disruption. So, they have a tough job trying to keep neighbors happy. Most builders in the Heights do their best and try to keep neighbors happy. Sometimes though, you piss people off so bad, that you can’t make up for it. Here is a perfect example.

Germantown Uproar

Germantown Uproar

Sometimes a builders’ attitude just says they don’t care what others think. If you can legally build a mid-rise in a residential neighborhood…go for it. Fisher Homes has weathered that storm.  Now they have decided they can jump into a historic district, and piss off more neighbors. The Heights is where you should tread softly;  a historic district takes even more care.

Swamplot details this story in a recent article. This saga is taking place on the edge of Woodland Heights, in the Germantown Historic District. The house he is renovating there has been under tarps for a year and is running afoul of the neighbors and the City Planning and Development Department which has issued a “violation letter”

I am going to take two quotes from Fisher from Swamplot:

“The neighbors and anyone else who doesn’t like me is welcome to go walk off a bridge. Just try and remember I am a property owner in that neighborhood also and I’m just as important as the others. Considering how much I own I may be more important.”

That should help the neighbors feel better.

One last comment, in case people don’t know his feelings:

He also said finding yourself living next to a development you don’t like is part of the risk of living in a city without zoning. Echoing comments he made at a neighborhood meeting months earlier, Fisher said that is why he chose to live in Spring rather than a place like the Heights.

So…he wouldn’t/couldn’t do what he does in Spring, but down here, what’s to stop him?

Good, now I’m sure everything is calm again.


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