Lindale Park Getting New Statue

Lindale Park has been in the news a lot lately for the new light rail line and for its fight over high-density development. It’ in the news now for a new statue, soon to be arriving.

Lindale Park Statue

Lindale Park is Getting New Statue “Torch Bearers”

A 5 ton equine sculpture “Torch Bearers” by Anna Hyatt Huntington was recently  sold at auction to a private collector who is bringing it to Houston’s Lindale Park. The statue has been at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut since 1963.  The museum said it was changing its focus from art to science, and no longer wanted the giant sculpture.

The anonymous buyer, who lives in Lindale Park, purchased the statue for $315,000. He will supposedly install in it in a vacant lot on Graceland St.

I haven’t seen any news about this locally, this blurb came from the

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