B-Cycle Coming to the Heights


Coming Soon to the Heights: B-Cycle.

Houston B-Cycle is coming to the Heights. You no longer have to be a cool downtown worker or visitor to use B-Cycle, the  downtown bike user system . B-Cycle is a bike sharing program designed for quick trips around town and close-in urban locations. Pick up a bike at one kiosk and drop it off at another. Membership can be obtained online or at a Kiosk. See the B-Cycle websiste for info. It’s an alternative transportation system.

In case you are a Greenie, the bike tracks the number of miles you rode, calories burned and (here’s the best part) the carbon emmissions you saved. Just don’t pant too much or you’ll screw up everything. I suggest waiting until it’s cooler weather.

Two stations are coming to the Heights soon: Spotts Park at 401 Heights Blvd will open soon; one at Stude Park, 1031 Studewood is in permitting stage.



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