Seance at La Carafe-Your Last Chance

La Carafe Wine Bar

La Carafe in Daylight is not so Creepy

Everyone knows that the oldest bar in Houston, historic La Carafe, is haunted (puportedly one of the top 5 most haunted places in Houston). What you may not know is that in the creepiest time of year, near Halloween, they have seances. That’s right…disturbing the dead in order to communicate with them.

You still have time. Wednesdays and Sundays, through October 29th.

La Carafe, 813 Congress St, downtown Houston.

Price, $20…cash… no credit cards here. Call 713 229-9399 for details.

There is an intro at 8-9 pm, then you are led up to the second floor to hear the history of the bar, magic, then a seance.

The seance is lead by Scott Wells and Jaime Salinas; their 4th year of doing this. This is a light hearted seance, so don’t expect to be terrified and meet your angry, deceased Uncle Hector.

Remember…cash only; must be over 21…it is a bar you know.



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