Downtown Houston Club to be Imploded Oct 19

Downtown Houston Club Implosion Set for Oct. 19th

Houston Club to be Imploded

Houston Club – About to be Gone

I love watching buildings being blown up. (Actually imploded…the demo companies prefer everything collapse inward, rather than being blown outward.) I don’t know which is better, the collapse of the building, or the cheering dust-covered crowd. Either way, here is a chance to watch another on Sunday October 19th, when the downtown Houston Club is scheduled to be demolished.
D H Griffin Co. has been working for a year on the prep. The close quarters of this building is making everyone around it twitchy.

This 18 story tower is bounded by┬áCapitol, Rusk, Milam and Travis. The Chronicle article on this did not have a time for the button push. It’s typically early. I also think they are trying to discourage on-lookers. I did hear one TV station say they would have a live feed of it, but don’t remember which…sorry.

John Angelina of D H Griffin says he always has butterflies before a big job like this, but he has never screwed up. He also has the record at the time for the biggest tower imploded, so it’s not his first time.

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