14 Pews: A Movie & Beer Tasting

Movie-The Beer Hunter
An interesting documentary film will open soon at 14 Pews in the Heights. “Beer Hunter” is about important beer and whiskey journalist, Michael Jackson. He was known for his Discovery channel series in 1993 with the title “The Beer Hunter” and is considered instrumental in the craft beer revolution that still continues to get stronger.

14 Pews

14 Pews – Aurora Near N Main

The film will be introduced by Brock Wagner of St Arnolds. After the film will be a beer tasting of local beers; Saint Arnolds, Karbach, 8th Wonder,Foam Rangers Special Brew and Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company.

“Beer Hunter” shows 6-9 pm Sat 9/21/13 at 800 Aurora St.

14 Pews in Sunset Heights is more than a local movie house. They opened about 2 years ago and have since screened over 200 movies, documentaries, experimental films.

They also host a lot of community and arts  oriented events, sponsored film making classes, hosted film festivals and much more. See further info at their website 14 Pews.

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