Drive Through Margaritas – W Grill

I’ve never understood the concept of drive-through daiquiri places. How can that be legal in Texas with it open-container law? W Grill, with their margaritas-to-go have found a way to do it.

margaritas to go-W Grill

Margaritas To Go at W Grill

I can understand it in Louisiana. Lake Charles and odd places like Holly Beach had them everywhere when I lived there. In fact, I think it was mandatory to have one at shift change at the refinery. But I digress…back to Texas.

Maybe they get away with it with that little piece of tape holding on the’s no longer open, right? It is supposedly the only drive-through inside the loop serving margaritas-to-go.

W Grill is not in the Heights, but it is being advertised as in the Heights. It is actually at Durham at Washington. Remember “Stop the Walmart in the Heights”? That wasn’t the Heights either.

I don’t like fake margaritas, so I haven’t had one of these, but drive-through margaritas ┬ájust have to be worth mentioning.

I have no clue what they taste like like, but reviews for the food vary wildly. See Yelp reviews for W Grill.

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