Heights Blvd Art – True North

Most art is not interactive. It is “stand behind the rope and observe” kind of thing. Not on Heights Blvd though. The public art just put on display on Heights Blvd begs to be touched and interacted with.

Big Dog True North

Big Dog


Sharise R enjoying the Big Lawn Chairs


Giant Paper Airplane Heights Blvd

The giant lawn chairs by Paul Kittleson are my favorite. However, everybody has made and crashed paper airplanes.  The “paper” airplane crash-landed into the ground on the boulevard though is stainless steel. That just has to be touched.
Gus Kopriva (Owner of Redbud Gallery on 11th St.) and co-curator Chris Silkwood have overseen the installation of eight pieces of art between 4th St and 18th St on Heights Blvd. This is a joint effort of many, including with the City Parks Department and a Mayor’s Initiative Grant through Houston Art Alliance.
It all starts with a small church steeple rising from the earth near 4th St, and goes on to a giant dog (a little creepy, but I don’t like giant life-like things), to the plane pointed into the ground, and to 6 others. Walk the whole strip.
The Chronicle covered this as did the Houston Heights  Association Newsletter

On display now through November 4th


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